Coronavirus: Current rules for visiting pubs and restaurants

From 19th of May, restaurants, hotels, fitness centres and saunas are open again in Austria. However, strict regulations apply. For example, all visitors must be tested, recovered or vaccinated (“3-G rule”). The following should be noted:

  • Persons are vaccinated 22 days after the first vaccination, for a maximum of three months. After the second vaccination, this period is extended to nine months from the first vaccination. If the vaccine only provides for one vaccination, one is considered vaccinated from the 22nd day after vaccination until nine months later. The vaccination certificate, the vaccination card, an excerpt from the electronic vaccination register (“eImpfpass”) or a mobile phone photo of it are considered as proof.
  • Convalescents are exempt from compulsory testing for six months from the day of their convalescence. The certificate of isolation or a medical certificate are valid. A mobile phone photo is also sufficient here. Proof of neutralising antibodies counts for another three months from the date of the test.
  • Tested persons are those who have a valid negative Corona test. Negative self-tests that have been officially registered are valid for 24 hours. Antigen tests, such as those from testing lanes or pharmacies, are valid for 48 hours. PCR tests, including those from Viennese offer “Everybody Gargles” are valid for 72 hours. Proof of testing is valid on paper and digitally. Tests can also be done on site, but these are only valid for the duration of the visit.

The closing time is uniformly set at midnight, but there are no longer any curfew restrictions. Registration is mandatory. Additional guidelines apply to individual areas.


  • The “3-G rule” and compulsory registration apply.
  • FFP2 masks are mandatory, masks may only be removed at the seat.
  • There is no service at the bar.
  • In enclosed areas, food and drinks must be consumedwhile seated.
  • There is a minimum distance between tables.
  • Indoors, eight people are allowed to sit at each table, outdoors there is a maximum of sixteen people.

Recreational facilities and sports

  • The “3-G rule” and compulsory registration apply.
  • FFP2 masks are compulsory, masks may only be removed during the sport itself.
  • Minimum distance between two persons is one metre, unless there are special protective devices.
  • There must be at least 10 square metres per guest.

For current information on the corona virus and its effects on the scene, please visit GGG.at under this link (in German).

Status of all information: 10 June 2021, all information without guarantee

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